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About Us

Derek is a highly motivated business developer. He is passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed. Derek’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Working with potential customers to explore the possibility of working together and learn about their needs and goals.
  • Assisting current customers in identifying and understanding their needs and developing solutions that meet those needs.

Derek is a valuable asset to the Thinkovator team, and we are confident that he will help you achieve your business goals.

Business Developer, Derek, standing in his office, plants, desk and a bookshelf are located behind him

Derek | Business Developer

Web Artisan, Amy, standing in her office, plants, desk and a bookshelf are located behind her

Amy | Web Designer

Amy is a skilled web developer who is passionate about creating high-quality, user-friendly websites that are both visually appealing and functional. She has a deep understanding of web development technologies and principles, and she uses this knowledge to create websites that meet the specific needs of her clients.

We are so excited to have Amy on team, and we look forward watching her to create innovative and user-friendly websites for our clients.